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Range of Services


Career Counselling 

How to choose a career? It’s a question students have been asking themselves for generations. Some are lucky enough to know exactly what they want in life and are able to plan and make appropriate choices - it’s as if their career chose them. Most of us are not so fortunate, and the enormous range of career choices and the even bigger range of academic choices can leave us feeling somewhat lost and confused.

As a professional education consultant of Miracle Overseas and career counselor We can help you to find your right path in life.

The key to effective career counseling is to help you draw up your own career map. Note We didn’t say “give you a map”. Our role is to guide, to counsel, perhaps to cajole, but you must make the informed decisions for yourself and to take ownership of your own study and career journey.


Once you’ve made those decisions we can help with applications, mock interviews, advice on personal statements and resumes, and supporting you wherever we’ve identified it’s required.


Application Guidance

Applying to right university is a vigorous task. Every step is important considering the filing of the application along with supportive documents. We guide you through out the entire process and apply for your dream university. The documents are scrutinized by highly experienced counselors who are trained by the universities and keep up to date information.


We believe every student is important and let their dreams of higher education come true with us. Starting from selection of university, program, filing the application along with required documents followed by visa, our trained professional counselors make it happen for you. Abroad universities are concerned about supportive documents being provided to select the right student for their programs, therefore the chances of rejection are higher when applied by the student itself. We provide you rightful information and apply to the universities with proper documents and send complete applications where you will receive positive response from the university.



Coaching Institute

Miracle Overseas is a Certified Careers Advisor and education consultant for many years, Miracle Overseas has coached over 1,000+ students in all aspects of education success, including SAT, ACT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS coaching classes and training materials. Having won awards for outstanding contributions to education services, Miracle Overseas is Ahmedabad's most sought-after coach for students who want the best chance to study abroad and pass the required aptitude tests.”


Delivered in Ahmedabad by professional tutors and supported with video lectures, classroom sessions and written course materials, these highly targeted coaching courses are structured and yet flexible enough to allow you to study around your other commitments. All of the test preparation classes place particular emphasis on building a strong foundation in grammar, reasoning and reading skills, and math concepts. They also train students in effective essay writing techniques. We believe in giving you all the tools you need to perform to the best of your ability. 


Visa Process

We work with each student individually offering solutions that make visa procurement a hassle free process. 


Miracle Overseas helps you in entire Visa process like, filling up applications, preparing financial statements, and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more. We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules, and has high VISA success rate.

Before applying for a Visa, it is important to be familiar with the visa procedures, visa application process and various documents. Thus, it becomes extremely crucial to receive advice from an expert visa-consultant.

We completely understand the problems that one might face during the process of securing a Visa and based on our understanding and experience, we have created templates of various hurdles that one might encounter while applying for a visa and have developed a solution module for our students.



Forex Exchange

To handle the clients' requirements regarding the currency exchange, we provide them Forex exchange services for all the major currencies including Dollars, Dinar, Pound and Euro, among others. A one stop complete Foreign Exchange and travel solution.

Miracle Overseas are focused on customer satisfaction striving towards the highest international standards in the wide range of products and services we offer.

Domestic money transfer & international money transfer services made easy now. Receive money from any country & send money to any country at ease.

Buy / sell foreign currency at best rates, easy send money abroad options, smart multi-currency prepaid card & more.


Pre - Post Departure

Pre and post departure event is organized for the students who get the vital information regarding the daily life in the new city. Starting from a sim card to luggage, every bit of facts provided is beneficial.


The main aim of the event is to let the student get familiar with the new environment in the respective city they are moving for higher studies. With the universities representatives and alumnis by our side, it becomes more prominent for the students to understand certain information such as lifestyle, part time & full time jobs, shopping, food etc.


A pre departure event is organized before the students fly to their respective countries. They also get introduced to the new students who are going to the same country. The event is started by speech, presentation followed by light snacks at the end.


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We are here to assist and will guide you through entire process of studying abroad.

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