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Study in France

General Information


France has beautiful cities that host some of the best educational and technical institutes in the world. Although most of the undergraduate education is in French, there are now a select few universities and colleges that offer educational courses completely in English.


France is well known for its Fashion Designing and also mainly in Beverages.


The standard of living in France is high and the infrastructure is excellent. French universities have a diverse student population and many are recognized internationally as centers of excellence. And of course, the stereotype is true - France has excellent food and wines!



The Application Process


For overseas students the admission process is by individual application to the institutions of your choice - there is no centralized process. For French-speaking courses you will be expected to complete the process in the French language, although it is acceptable for your reference letter to be written in another language and a translation provided. For English language courses you would be expected to apply in English. In either case your personal statement will be very important, and should be carefully crafted. You will also need to submit your test scores and any other required aptitude testing results. To study in France English Level Proficiency is not mandatory, but it is help full if you pursue.



How much will it cost?


French state-run universities offer completely free education even for international students studying abroad, although to qualify you may be required to take your courses in the French language. For private universities in France the average fees for foreign students are around €12,000 - €18,000 per year. Living expenses in France are about €6,000 - €8,000 per year on average.



Funding, Scholarships and Loans


If you have good French language skills you may qualify for a free place at a state-run university. Private universities do offer scholarships and support funding via an application process. Your chances of success will be greatly increased if you take advice on how to approach the application, and if you can show particular links with France or strong reasons why you are choosing a French as your study destination over another country.



Student Employment


International students can work in France once they have been hired by a local company - it is the employer that sponsors a full-time work permit after a student has graduated. Getting jobs in the EU as a non-EU citizen can be difficult, so choosing the right courses can be vital in maximizing your potential for employment here after graduating.

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