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Study and Settle in Canada is a Great Choice for Indian Students

After graduating from prestigious international universities, Indian students prefer to study abroad. Canada offers a wide range of employment opportunities to international students, particularly in the fields of education, health, tourism and the economy. Such opportunities exist in countries that are equally popular study destinations abroad, such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Canada offers the world's most affordable educational institutions - abroad - compared to other top study countries. That is why the country prides itself on its rich diversity, and people from around the world choose Canada as their preferred educational destination.

Study and Settle in Canada

This is due to the exceptional importance that the country in which a person lives attaches to education, as well as to the quality of the education system and further carrier in particular country.

For students interested in studying in Canada, we have a wonderful series of studies on insights abroad. Mostly, Indian students choose Canada for their higher education because Canadian Education is affordable and has good reputation worldwide. Now-a-days interest in Canada among Indian students has increased considerably over the years, as has the quality of the education system and Canada is the only country providing straight permanent residency after completion of study. According to the survey in 2019, Canadian Embassy grants 1.39 lacks study permits to Indian students for studying in Canada. In recent years, Canada has become one of the preferred study destinations abroad compared to the United States. As far as Europe is concerned, and Canadian education is affordable and its degree is valid worldwide, this is one of the reasons why Canada is becoming one of the top destinations for international students, according to a recent World Bank study.

The reasons for this are many, with the main reason being the increased job opportunities in Canada due to the low cost of living and the country's high quality of education and offering job opportunities to students after study. Now we want to examine in detail which factors make Canada the preferred international study destination compared to the USA and what are the reasons behind this. Medical universities in Canada have an excellent reputation that has attracted Indian students for years. According to a recent survey by the American Medical Association (AMA), Canada is one of the most preferred destinations to study Medical Courses.

Other than Medical Courses, Canadian universities and colleges offer many programs and degrees to choose from. With a Canadian study permit, you have the opportunity to work study at one of Canada's leading universities, such as the University of Toronto, McGill University or Universite de Montreal, University of British Columbia, while studying. Studying in Canada allows international students to apply for post study work permit and conclusively permanent residency. Also there is a good opportunity for Indian students to work and settle in Canada. Compared to a small Indian institution, it is a great advantage for students to obtain a degree from one of Canada's leading universities and colleges.

As per resent survey, Covid-19 pandemic has expanded the scope of studying abroad with different countries offering post-study work visas and permanent residency, courses, and online programmes at lower expenses. However, studying in Canada requires proper planning and effective strategies to make the process worthy which will be helped by Miracle Overseas to Indian Students.

Choosing The Right University is Important

Choosing right university-college and right Course is most important part of abroad study and doing proper research on them is key factor. Deep research of the university-college is required in which you want to apply and checking your eligibility and possibilities of getting admission is taken care by Miracle Overseas. We will research on programmes, course curriculum, eligibility criteria, selection process, fee structure, and accommodation, etc.

You should take deep information from experts on university-college reputation, post campus interview and collaborations, affiliation of university-college you are going in.Even students are asked to go through the prospectus carefully from the website of institute and even in-person of our institute expert for particular institute. Don't get carried away by the attractive advertisements of universities or colleges. Make sure to concern with us for complete information, reputation and eligibility criteria as per your past study and percentage.

Career Counseling for Canada

Consulting by our experts will help you in making the right decision towards your abroad education. We’ll help you in understanding the selection procedure for Canada and perfect paperwork and documentation for further process. Please be alert from fraud counselors and consultancies which misguide you to fulfill their interests.

Apply As Early As Possible Due To Rush

Applying early is crucial but you must do it because now-a-days there is lot of rush among Indian students planning for Canada and many small things that need to be taken care before applying for Canada. Also it will be better if you apply early for Canadian university-college because it is one of the hot destinations for Indian students and top institute closes their admission seats rapidly because of high rush of international students for upcoming Intake, and even applying early has higher chances of grabbing a scholarship.

Prepare A Powerful SOP

If you want to get admission to your preferred university-college in Canada preparing a powerful SOP is a must. Your SOP describes your goal, relevant study, which has much importance. As SOP describe your achievement, activities, experience from your previous job, courses and your recent projects can make your profile strong and convince Visa officer that your application is completely suitable for studying in Canada. Adding additional documents like your certificates, live projects you have done, and experience letter in your SOP can increase the chances of your profile selection and this can be done so professional in which expert advice is mandatory for attaching as per rules and assemble it in right way.

Scholarships Options in Canada

Scholarship can decrease your costing for studying in Canada. But getting scholarship is totally depending upon score card of your previous study. Almost every universities and colleges has scholarship programmes, financial aid, and other funding options but it is completely depends upon criteria of particular institute. Scholarships are divided into categories like merit scholarships, scholarships for researcher or athletic/sport achievements, scholarships for below middle class students, and scholarships for under-represented groups.

Eligibility and Visa Requirements

Make sure your Visa process will start on time or before time to avoid delay. Firstly, Miracle Overseas will help you to check your country requirement and criteria. Most important part is funding and overall costing of your Abroad Education.

Many of them are represented in prestigious international rankings, and Canada has become an ideal place for many aspiring international students to look for higher education and study. We have learned that many cities and provinces in Canada are short of workers, and Canadian employers are eager to hire skilled and responsible workers. The recent education strategy of the Canadian Ministry of Education emphasizes the need to increase the number of foreign students, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

This means that international students from all over the world are now more welcome in Canada. It is no wonder that the phrase "Canada for all" has become so popular in this sense, not only in India, but also in many other countries.

Studying in Canada is a growing Indian trend, as there are a number of aspects of its offering that make it unrivaled worldwide. One of the most important factors that have led to this is the type of studies that Canada offers. Canadian education is an ideal choice for international students who are looking for academic excellence.

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